Kristoff x Anna, pen pals AU?










Oooooh, I like this one.



What’s it like, up in the mountains? I’ve never been able to leave the gates, and I’m curious. I mean, we still have winter down here. And it’s pretty cold. Like, really cold. One time I got the flu from staying outside without a hat on. I was in bed for a whole week.

I bet it’s colder, right?




You get used to the cold, after a while. Ice is my life, so I don’t mind it either way. Sven’s a big baby, though, he insists on wearing three layers of blankets to bed.

Maybe someday I could meet you? I could give you a ride in my sled. Sven would love to meet you…



no choice sorry


I would love to. We can go ice harvesting together! That would be fun, wouldn’t it? 

… But, I’m kind of locked in this castle. They won’t let anyone in or out. I feel like a prisoner! 

Maybe one day, I can sneak out. We could meet.. But that’s just crazy talk..

Anyway, what exactly do you look like?




It would be awesome. And I’m so sorry that they’ve ‘imprisoned’ you in the castle. Do you even know why they’re doing that?

And yeah, maybe one day. That’d be a day I’d look forward too. 

I’m nothing much. Just your typical ice harvester. If you ever pass by a grumpy and smelly blond haired guy, that would be me.

And what about you, how do you look like? (If you don’t mind me asking)

~ Kristoff


I wouldn’t exactly know what a typical ice harvester would look like..but I’m going to assume you are pretty tall and have a beard. Do harvesters have beards? I feel like they would have beards.

Well, I have strawberry blonde hair that is crazy hard to manage. Like, I have to use so many pins and ribbons and people to get it under control. It’s nuts. My eyes are blue. OH and I have freckles. Everywhere. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. But that’s pretty much it I suppose. 

I really don’t know why they keep me here…I ask but I never get a real answer…

Anyways, what about Sven? What does Sven look like?

I bet he’s cute!




Don’t call Sven cute. He is a reindeer, and a boy reindeer too. He is manly..except when he is cold and DON’T tell him I said that. He is pretty big, a bit of a goof. But what am I gonna do, he’s my best friend. 

I actually don’t have a beard. Lot of the guys do but I don’t. It’s hard to manage but I don’t like it. It’s itchy.

Do you have other family besides your parents you can ask? Someone has to know. They can’t just keep you shut out from everything. That’s not fair. 

You sound really pretty nice. 




Any animal is cute. I just really love animals. And you don’t have a beard? So it’s probably just stubble, right?  

Well, I always try to knock on Elsa’s, (my sister), door. She’ll never answer! It’s so frustrating. It’s been like that since I was five years old. My parents are also leaving to Corona in a few days. I’ll really miss them. 

Pretty? Really? You’ve never even seen my face. But for what’s it worth, you sound handsome too. 

~ Anna



Animals aren’t cute when you have to clean up their waste. If you know what I mean…

Why don’t you just barge into her room? It might not be ‘lady like’, but that’s what I would do, if I had any siblings…

You sound beautiful Anna. And trust me, I am not handsome. Did I ever mention my humongous nose? 

I just really want to see your face. Do you think you could attacth a painting of yourself in the next letter? (They do paint portraits of you, right?) Or maybe I could sneak into the castle. But that’s utterly stupid.

I’m just dying to meet you.

~ Kristoff 


I will get the family painter to paint a small piece for you when he comes next week. We are supposed to be doing a new piece once my parents get home. But they are gone for a while…so, I do have some freedom on this end. Maybe I could sneak out and meet you in the village? 

And before you even ask, I have my ways to get out. I’m pretty sneaky when I have to be. 

Well, her door is locked. It always has been since I was a kid…I don’t understand why. We were close and then one day, she just locked her door and wouldn’t tell me why. I think I did something wrong but I don’t know what.

You..You really think I’m beautiful? 




I..well..Yeah, I do. Is that ok? Is that weird? I mean, I know I haven’t seen you in person but.. you sound beautiful.

You could always slip letters under her door but I get the feeling you might have tried that before. I’m sorry she’s like that, but there has to be a reason. Maybe just sit your parents down and ask them. Be serious…if you can do that.

You? Sneaky? I would love to see that. Well, I mean, if you have enough free time and you can that would be great. But, I don’t want you getting in trouble. I have a feeling that you wouldn’t care though.

Alright. I come back on the 9th. Meet me near the docks. There won’t be a lot of guards there. 



Personally, I would like to SEE it too. Writing wouldn’t nearly capture it in my opinion, but someone can totally write it too. 

So, I am so down for anyone wanting to actually draw the meeting scene out. It would be pretty adorable and awkward I would think. 


Can… can I draw their first meeting..? :>

Luv your work! I would luv to see Kristoff and Anna just go at it. Wild hair for Anna. Shirt off for Kristoff, throwing Anna up against the wall, dominating her. Underneath that innocent exterior of Kristoff's is a wild man yearning to come out and Anna is aching to see it.

I wouldn’t typically take requests, but my blog is once again in need of some Kristanna Smut.


Also, Beard!Kristofff.

Which, I really hope looks nothing like Chuck Norris. 

I’m not blind, and I know

That you want to want me

But you can’t let go

Arendelle High School Glee Club presents “Burning Up,” performed by Kristoff Bjorgman.


I was telling my friend Whitney about the dream I mentioned yesterday, and it turned into a long discussion about what it would be like to work with Anna and Kristoff. And, well, this is a part of the result.

Because old people have poor circulation and tend to always be cold, the heat seems to constantly be cranked up in our dining room, even if it’s 95 degrees outside. When running around in that kind of heat becomes too much to take (especially for Whitney, because she is with child <3), we usually retreat for a minute or two to the walk-in to cool down. And this time… we weren’t the only ones seeking relief from the miserable heat. Kristoff would have already been there for a few minutes, nestled between all the boxes, not wanting to be disturbed.

This morning I woke up from a dream that Anna and Kristoff both got part time jobs where I work, and I was, of course, super excited. But they never got a chance to actually work, because the residents were always pulling them away to talk about royalty and life back in Arendelle. 

…And I started  to cry. 

They would be cool coworkers, though. Anna would keep me in a good mood all day. Kristoff would get shit done, and I like that shit. I hate lazy people. Anyway…

Kristoff jerking off while standing up and just watching him from behind staring at that plump booty



*whispers* turn around

Every now and then

I get a little bit lonely

And you’re never coming round

Turn around, bright eyesssss

Am I the only one who imagines little Kristoff while listening to Son of Man?


True, that he's no Prince Charming -
but there's something in him that I simply didn't see.

dedicated to Mar

After livestream conversations a little while ago. I loves me the Poilish.

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